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THE BOOK OF CLARENCE - Official Teaser Trailer, Story & Plot

⁣Witness a bold new vision of a timeless story. #TheBookofClarence a film by Jeymes Samuel, featuring new music from
Jeymes Samuel, JAY-Z, and more. Exclusively in theaters, 2024.

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⁣In the upcoming cinematic creation titled "The Book of Clarence," Jeymes Samuel, renowned for his
directorial work on the 2020 Western film "The Harder They Fall" featuring Idris Elba, Regina King, and
LaKeith Stanfield, is venturing into new genre territory. However, this film will deviate from the conventional
religious connotations often associated with biblical narratives. Here's a comprehensive update on the
developments surrounding "The Book of Clarence."

On Thursday, March 2, Sony Pictures officially disclosed the launch date for the much-anticipated production
"The Book of Clarence." The distribution responsibilities for this star-studded project rest with the studio,
while the esteemed production houses Columbia Pictures and Legendary Pictures are at the helm. Originally
slated for release on September 22, 2023, the film's debut in theaters has now been rescheduled to January
12, 2024.

Jeymes Samuel is acknowledged for his distinctive filmmaking approach, a trait that extends to his casting
choices as well. In "The Book of Clarence," Samuel is making a departure from the conventional predominantly
white casts that have typically been associated with biblical narratives. He is assembling a
diverse ensemble of actors. Recognizing the scarcity of historical epics that accurately represent the ethnic diversity of the era in which Jesus Christ rose to prominence, Samuel aims to rectify this imbalance. The cast
of "The Book of Clarence" includes notable names such as RJ Cycler, Chase Dillon, and Academy Award
nominee LaKeith Stanfield, who are reuniting from Samuel's previous work "The Harder They Fall." LaKeith
Stanfield assumes the lead role of Clarence, the central character. Joining this ensemble is Jacobi Howard,
known for his role as Angel in "The Harder They Fall." Notable additions to the cast include Omar Sy (X-Men:
Days of Future Past), James McAvoy (Split), Anna Diop (Nanny), Teyana Taylor (A Thousand and One), and
David Oyelowo. The prestigious Oscar nominees Benedict Cumberbatch, Marianne Jean-Baptiste, and Alfre
Woodard are also set to play pivotal roles in the movie.

Per Sony Pictures' synopsis, "The Book of Clarence" draws inspiration from classic Hollywood epics set in
biblical epochs. The narrative revolves around Clarence, a destitute resident of Jerusalem, who takes a
misguided path to capitalize on the rising fame and influence of the Messiah for personal gain. His journey
unfolds as an exploration of faith, leading him down unforeseen avenues of self-discovery. Despite being set
in 29 A.D. during the time of Jesus Christ's ministry, the film deliberately diverges from religious overtones
often associated with biblical epics, ensuring that Christianity remains in the background.

Expect Jeymes Samuel's signature directorial style, characterized by a fusion of various genres and techniques
that culminate in visually stunning and emotionally resonant cinema. Samuel places great emphasis on
character development in his works. This trait is evident in "The Harder They Fall," where a diverse array of
characters with distinct motivations and backgrounds take center stage. Similarly, in "The Book of Clarence,"
Samuel delves into the intricate evolution of Clarence as he transitions from a pursuit of personal gain to a
profound journey of spiritual exploration.

Written and Directed by:
Jeymes Samuel

Produced by:
Jeymes Samuel
Shawn Carter
James Lassiter
Tendo Nagenda

Executive Producer:
Garrett Grant

LaKeith Stanfield
Omar Sy
Anna Diop
RJ Cyler
David Oyelowo
Micheal Ward
Alfre Woodard
Teyana Taylor
Caleb McLaughlin
Eric Kofi-Abrefa
Marianne Jean-Baptiste
with James McAvoy
and Benedict Cumberbatch

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