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Make sure you check out the people in ATL producing good films.
Watch the whole serries on Youtube so they get paid. ⁣https://www.youtube.com/@AtlantaAvenue

⁣A Series of Short Episodes about getting it in with Bosses in Atlanta that's all coming in and out of town from different states.

Created By Drizzle Dollar in Atlanta
Shot & Edited By @ShoCheese

for booking of : actors - directors - creators - artist - videographers or editors. ::::: CALL 404.919.2907 ::::::::

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⁣Music video by Joey Bada$$ performing Show Me (Official Video). (C) 2023 Pro Era / Cinematic Music Group, under exclusive license to Columbia Records, a Division of Sony Music Entertainment

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⁣Last month, Jeremy O. Harris, a celebrated screenwriter and playwright who was a member of the Sundance 2023 Dramatic jury, was moved to tears when presenting the festival's grand jury prize onstage to "A Thousand and One". The film, directed by A.V. Rockwell, is a powerful and visually stunning drama set in Harlem that follows the coming-of-age of a boy under the care of his mother (played by Teyana Taylor), who kidnapped him from foster care. Taylor delivers a commanding and breakout performance that is sure to garner attention during the upcoming awards season. Check out the official trailer for the film below.

The movie opens with Inez (played by Taylor), a woman living life on her own terms in New York, telling her young son Terry (Aaron Kingsley Adetola) that there's more to life than difficult beginnings. Inez has taken Terry out of the foster care system after her release from Rikers Island in 1993, hoping to give him a better life. However, as the film progresses and their complex and emotional relationship evolves over the years, Inez ultimately admits to the older Terry (Josiah Cross) that she made mistakes, but that life goes on regardless.

The film "A Thousand and One" portrays a rapidly changing New York over a span of 20 years, from the tenure of Giuliani to Bloomberg, while the city's Black residents are left to confront the challenges of gentrification on their own.

Director A.V. Rockwell shared with IndieWire, "As a New Yorker, I feel honored to make a film about the city in the same way that filmmakers I admire, like Spike Lee, Scorsese, Woody Allen, did before me. They are known for making films that capture the essence of New York, but I was making a heartbreak letter more than a love letter. I didn't have many examples of that to criticize in my own way. New York broke my heart."

The first glimpse of the film does not reveal its secrets, but "A Thousand and One" ultimately leads to a gut-wrenching conclusion that upends the entire story, serving as a poignant reminder that challenging beginnings can lead to better endings. Taylor's close collaboration with Rockwell (and her own experiences as a New Yorker) showcase significant talents in both directing and acting, making them ones to watch this year and beyond.

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⁣King's Disease III Available Now 👑

Download/Stream King's Disease III

Nas - 30 (Official Video)

1. Ghetto Reporter
2. Legit
3. Thun
4. Michael & Quincy
5. 30
6. Hood2Hood
7. Recession Proof
8. Reminisce
9. Serious Interlude
10. I'm on Fire
12. Once a Man, Twice a Child
13. Get Light
14. First Time
15. Beef
16. Don't Shoot
17. Til My Last Breath (Bonus Track)


A divine creature
Ran through dimes, divas
I turned blocks to beaches
By the time you see us, we just
Turned tides even
Cuban chain, got the largest pieces
But I’m wild for keepin’ it so timeless
Almost half a century with a crispy lineup
My peeps Salaam said I remind him of Martin Lawrence
Breakin’ hearts on some real thin line sh*t
I’m done with star chicks, I survived divorces
I ain’t have to climb back, I just climbed in Porsches
Uh, I ain’t have to climb back, I just climbed in Porsches
I was the ill seed, the illest one
The villainized, but I feel free
And the field be
Crazy way before the drill beef
Doesn’t matter this is sheer relief, I feel the breeze this is…
Superhero material, rap star status
Premier album still might happen
I wonder why Pete Rock would act like that
That type of behavior make me give rap right back
And now I can’t tell if all the good that I did’s bein’ hid with they agenda again, n*gga I know that yall prayin’ I go back to nuttin’
We in the future, let’s get past the frontin’
Let’s get money

This is practice
This is magic
History, havoc
Instant classic
This is madness
In all fairness
We been movin’ how you f*ck n*ggas wanna
My 30 for 30 highlights doin’ numbers

Goin’ on thirty summers
Goin’ on thirty summers
Goin’ on thirty summers
I’m goin’ on thirty summers
Goin’ on thirty summers
Goin’ on thirty summers
We been movin’ how you f*ck n*ggas want
And my 30 for 30 highlights doin’ numbers



Director: Sarah McColgan
Executive Producer: Missy Galanida
Executive Producer: Isaac Rice
Executive Producer: Andrea Saavedra
Producer: Andrea Saavedra
Producer: Kelo Thompson
Prod Manager: Nataly Arroyo
1st AD: Niko Philipides
2nd AD: Khyber Law
DP: Mika Alaskan
1st AC: Billy Briggs
2nd AC: Rob Alpine
Photo Assist: Darrian Ferguson
Steadicam Operator: Renard Cheran
DIT: Kyle Reed
Gaffer: Daniel Kagle
BBE: Isaac Marziali
Electric: Mike Williamson
Electric: Cooper Lichacz
Electric: Matthew Hall
Key Grip: Luke Poole
BBE: Steven Albovias
Grip: Eric Fowler
Grip: Nick Herman
Prod Designer: Jevon Dismuke
Leadman: Joshua Strickland
Nas Wardrobe Stylist: April Roomet
Hair/MUA: Lizzy Arroyo
Truck PA: Mckay LeDuke
Set PA: James Dixon
Set PA: Malachi Barnes
Set PA: Ryan Davis
Set PA: Keira Torpie
Set PA: Thomas Parker
Playback: Kaidontrap
Craft Service: Yule Owens
Set Medic: Kyle Reynolds
Owl Handler: Hawk On Hand Falconry
Lead Female: Mariah Mckenzie
Drummer: Drum Curby
Editor: Sarah McColgan
Assistant Editor: James Face
Colorist: Tyler Roth @ Company 3
VFX: Max Colt @Frender

#Nas #30 #KingsDiseaseIII #KD3

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⁣BROTHER Trailer (2023) Lamar Johnson, Aaron Pierre, Drama Movie

⁣Elevation Pictures in Canada has recently released an official trailer for an independent film entitled Brother, which follows the journey of two Black brothers, Michael and Francis, as they come of age in Toronto's vibrant hip-hop scene of the 1990s. As the brothers grapple with themes of masculinity, identity, and family, a mysterious event unfolds during the scorching summer of 1991, triggering a chain of events that will forever alter their lives. Brother, which premiered at TIFF 2022 and also screened at the Vancouver, London, and Busan Film Festivals, is a poignant tale that celebrates the unbreakable bond between siblings, the resilience of a community, and the transformative power of music. The film features notable performances from Aaron Pierre and Lamar Johnson as Francis and Michael, alongside Marsha Stephanie Blake, Kiana Madeira, and Lovell Adams-Gray. With positive reviews from festival audiences, the trailer offers a glimpse into the stunning score by composer Todor Kobakov featured in the film.

⁣Brother, the highly anticipated film adaptation of David Chariandy's best-selling novel, is directed by acclaimed Canadian filmmaker Clement Virgo. Starring Aaron Pierre and Lamar Johnson as Francis and Michael, the story follows two brothers as they navigate their way through Toronto's vibrant hip-hop scene of the 1990s. As tensions escalate, a mystery unfolds, setting off a series of events that forever change their lives. Virgo, known for his previous work on films like Rude, Love Come Down, and Poor Boy's Game, both directs and wrote the screenplay for Brother. The film is produced by Damon D'Oliveira, Sonya Di Rienzo, Aeschylus Poulos, and Virgo himself. Brother premiered at the Toronto Film Festival in 2022 and is set to be released in Canadian theaters by Elevation Pictures on March 17th, 2023.
As of now, no US release date has been announced.

© 2023 - Elevation Pictures

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⁣A Series of Short Episodes about getting it in with Bosses in Atlanta that's all coming in and out of town from different states.

Created By Drizzle Dollar in Atlanta
Shot & Edited By @ShoCheese

for booking of : actors - directors - creators - artist - videographers or editors. ::::: CALL 404.919.2907 ::::::::

Watch the entire series at ⁣https://www.youtube.com/@ShoCheese

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⁣PROF - Pack A Lunch feat. Redman (Official Music Video)

The epic visual for Prof & Redman's newest single 'Pack A Lunch'. Share it with everyone. Tell grandma to tell grandpa to watch it. Talk to your therapist about watching it. Make sure you fax your former self in the 90's to watch it.

STREAM/BUY 'Pack A Lunch feat. Redman': https://ffm.to/packalunch
PRE-ORDER 'Horse': https://ffm.to/profhorse

Directors: Tomas Aksamit & Prof
Executive Producer: Mike Campbell
Producer: Jen Sonibare
Associate Producer: Tomas Aksamit
Assistant Director: Paul Winkels
Cinematographer: Tomas Aksamit
1st Assistant Camera Operator: Aleautian Galabay
Gaffer: Jacob Velander
Key Grip: Tyler Thomas
Production Designer: Colton Otte
Wardrobe Stylist: Madeline Moon
Hair & Makeup: Megan Mag
Production Assistants: Haven Jacoby, Katy Comford, Zoe Cramer, Halle Fondness, Yaisha Marie, Sasha Rayl
Artist Specialist: Jeneen Anderson
Primary Talent Security: Scotchy
Security: Sequeerity
Editor: Tomas Aksamit
Colorist: Debbie Leathers
BTS Photographer: Colton Otte
Lunchbox Artwork: Scotchy
Production Company: Intrface Films
Cast: Prof, Redman, Willie Wonka, Rachel Star, Natheena, Anacrystal, Cornelius Noll, Carter Wilburn, Marina Arena Lauren Marsh, Heidi Bothun, Terry Clark, Ant Bucks, Big Wiz, Katy Comford, Boujee Boy Dluv, Jumaar Henry, Mac Irv, Damar Jackson, Dame Jones, Big Bag Legends, Kourtney Love, Jake McLean, Huncho Nemoh, Albert Nix, Dillon Parker, Prince Riley, Tyler Thomas, Maria Tovar, Mac Turner, Ty Stick

REDMAN. He is the most down to earth, hard working, kind person you could ever imagine. We are truly blessed to have had the opportunity to work with a true professional like him.

Ray Brooks, Damar Jackson, Diane Jackson, Dayne Jackson, Frosted Lakes, Chris Lenhart, Tasty Lighting, Wheels Up Rentals, Kente Shivers, Conduit Sound, Jackie Vittum, Jessy Vittum, Big Wiz

If you live in Brooklyn Park or are in the area please support the amazing folks at the former Minnoco gas station (now independent) on Lakeland Ave (7820 Lakeland Ave N, Brooklyn Park, MN 55445). This video would not have happened without their willingness to believe in the video and us as a production crew.


#prof #redman #packalunch

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⁣Armani Caesar - SURVIVIAL OF THE LITTEST [Official Video]

THE LIZ 2 AVAILABLE EVERYWHERE NOW: https://music.empi.re/theliz2

IG: https://www.instagram.com/armanicaesar/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/armanicaesar
TikTok: @ArmaniCaesar1

Official Video by Armani Caesar - "SURVIVAL OF THE LITTEST"
© 2022 Griselda Records / Armani Caesar / EMPIRE

#armanicaesar #griselda #theliz2

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⁣Run The Jewels x Big Boi from The Baby Driver Soundtrack

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⁣Getting It How I Live
⁣"I can't give you the game, But I can show the game, And you can see what you see, And peek how you peek, and get what you get."

I dedicate this channel to God the Father of my Lord Jesus Christ for without him I am nothing. And secondly to all the OG's that showed a young brother love to help me become the man I am today. Thank you!

I'm available for booking: Individual / Team Film Sessions, and breakdowns, Basketball Skills Training, Physical Training (Agility, Cross Training, Conditioning, etc), and more email: pastorlorenzow@gmail.com.

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⁣Official Video for Sicc & Tired by Fivio Foreign

Directed by @JLShotThat
Creative Director @MillionDollahRah
Produced by @bldbeatz
Edited by @JLShotThat & @blindcapvision
VFX by @blindcapvision
bts by @HaitianPicasso & @CloudkickaFilms
ArtWork by @kidflvsh

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⁣Kendrick Lamar “Count Me Out”
Directed by Dave Free & Kendrick Lamar

Production Company: pgLang / project3
Executive Producers: Kendrick Lamar, Dave Free
Producers: Jason Baum, Jamie Rabineau
Director of Photography: Adam Newport-Berra
Additional Photography: Christopher Ripley
1st AD: Kenneth Taylor
Production Designer: Eric Hersey
Wardrobe Stylist: Taylor McNeill
Additional Wardrobe Styling: Shannon Stokes
Choreographer: Charm La’Donna
Stunts: Chris Gann
Grooming: Jenn Hanching
Makeup: Emily Cheng
Hair Stylist: Nikki Nelms
Hair Stylist: Khristien “Khristn” Ray
Barber: Victor Arellano
Makeup Artist / Helen Mirren: Jo Strettell
Hair Stylist / Helen Mirren: Richard Collins
Wardrobe Stylist / Helen Mirren: Lee Harris
Colorist: Mikey Rossiter
VFX: Tryptyc
Sound Design: Brandon Loulias
Editor: Neal Farmer
Commissioner: Michelle An

Special Thanks:
Dame Helen Mirren
Jack Dorsey
Vivi Nevo

Thank you to our team at pgLang.

Kendrick Lamar “Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers” is available now:

#KendrickLamar #CountMeOut #MrMorale #TheBigSteppers

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⁣Power is PRIMAL. Watch the new teaser trailer for #Transformers: #RiseOfTheBeasts, in theatres June 9, 2023.

Returning to the action and spectacle that have captured moviegoers around the world, Transformers: Rise of the Beasts will take audiences on a ‘90s globetrotting adventure and introduce the Maximals, Predacons, and Terrorcons to the existing battle on earth between Autobots and Decepticons. Directed by Steven Caple Jr. and starring Anthony Ramos and Dominique Fishback, the film arrives in theatres June 9, 2023.

TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@transformersm...
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/transformer...
Twitter: https://twitter.com/transformers
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/transformers...

Paramount Pictures Corporation (PPC), a major global producer and distributor of filmed entertainment, is a unit of Viacom (NASDAQ: VIAB, VIA), home to premier global media brands that create compelling television programs, motion pictures, short-form content, apps, games, consumer products, social media experiences, and other entertainment content for audiences in more than 180 countries.

Connect with Paramount Pictures Online:

Official Site: http://www.paramount.com/
TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@paramountpics
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/ParamountPics
Twitter: https://twitter.com/paramountpics
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/Paramount
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Paramount

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⁣Connect with Metro Boomin:



Metro Boomin
Morgan Freeman
Lakeith Stanfield
Young Thug




Xiarra Diamond Nimrod
Devon Libran
Marleny Reyes

Bersabel Gebremeskel
Vlad Samedi

Wassim 'SAL' Slaiby & Ryan Ramsey
Amir ‘Cash’ Esmailian


Edited by Gibson Hazard & Brendan O'Connor
VFX Supervisor Karen Arakelian
Original music by Metro Boomin
Additional score Peter Lee Johnson, Elliot Cleverdon, Omari Jazz
Mixed by Ethan Stevens, Leland "Metro" Wayne
Sound design Elliot Cleverdon, Omari Jazz, Gibson Hazard
Intro V.O. Written by Elliot Cleverdon
Car Design: Danilo Makio Saito
Car transformation: Reduciano
Concept Artist / 3D Design Marc Van Kaam, David Aygin Wulff Andersen, Evan Dalen, Joel Adams
Additional 3D / VFX: Akshay Anand, Andrea Sbabo, Flint Tanquary, Anastasios Papadopoulos, Rhodium Studio
Graphic Design Mihailo Andic + Alessandro Comotti
Intro comic book designs : Villain Studio (Johnathon Lovett)
Comic book animations: Alex Siegel
Storyboards by Jake Larsen
Colored by Matt Osborne
Analog scanning Gavin Matson

Producer: Peter Williams
production manager sina pars
production coordinator veronica zin
DP Minka Farthing-Kohl
1st AD Joy Hubbard
2nd AD Evan Coniglio
1st AC- A Cam Calvin Snead
1st AC - B Cam Mitch Boyce
2nd AC Vida Robbins
Steadicam Jose Espinoza
DIT John Davis
Gaffer Skott Khuu
BBE Amber Jones
Electric David Goold
Electric Alexander Lopes
Board Op Jason Kinnard
Key Grip Carlos Escobar
Grip Fernando Arrendondo
Grip Driver Sean Coboozi
Production Designer Francesca Palombo
Lead man mark Rivadenerya
Set Dresser Mike Frausto
Art PA Andy Marquardt
Art PA Izzy Antonelli
Art PA Tessa Rozzolilo
Wardrobe Stylist Anastasia Walker
Stylist Assistant Damien LLoyd
Stylist Assistant Gemna Valdes
HMUA Julie Dinh
VTR Micah Lashbrook
Sound Jack Goodman
CCO Austin Gold
Nurse Michelle Reid
Nurse Tim Tran
Crafty Caitlin Hiroto
Prod. Truck PA Ben Soffer
Pass. Van PA Josh Martinez
AD PA Kolton Homer
Set PA Josephine Lewis
Set PA Meg Tilton
Photography: KAITO
BTS Photography: Sam Conant
Executive Car Consultant: Oliver Cannon

Production Manager Sina Pars
Production Coordinator Vaughn Dawson
Production Coordinator Veronica Zin
1st AD Ham Yilla
2nd AD Knia Bonds
DP Minka Farthing-Kohl
1st AC Aston Grey
2nd AC AShley Hampton
DIT Jason Green
Drone Wayne Manns
Gaffer Sean Cokes
BBE Mike Preston
Electric Chris Watkins
Electric Anthony Gordon
Dimmerboard Op Eric Daren
Key Grip Joe Hernandez
BBG Troy Wade
Grip Geronimo Perez
Grip John Wruck
Production Designer Francesca Palombo
Art Director Brandon Agen
Scenic Alex Roberts
Scenic Kimberly Wynn
Set Dresser Jacob Palmer
Art PA Alexis Dolfi
SPFX Coordinator Clifford Quinn
Wardrobe Stylist Anastasia Walker
HMU KIam Barrese
Sound Spencer Poole
Medic/CCO Chris Bailey
Precision driver - Truck C.C. Taylor
Precision Driver - Car Yan Dron
Precision Driver - Car Phillip Fornah
Crafty Leigh Ann Miller
Stage Manager Colin Woode
VFX Supervisor Karen Arakelian
PA - Driver Jalen Davidson
PA - Set Justin Johnson
PA - Set Chris Pherop
PA - Set Kiyawna McKenzie
PA - Set Brandon Johnson
BTS Photography: Sam Conant

Artist Management: Ebonie Ward + Geoff Ogunlesi
Producer Chad Tennies
Producer Traemani Hawkins
Producer Nathanael Delile
Unit Production Manager Kiara Garcia
DP Jacob Hale
Key Grip Joe Hernandez
Sound Mixer Leonardo Nasca
Set Dresser Ryan Wetzel
MUA Courtney Almand
Wardrobe Anastasia Walker
PA Terrell Robinson

Production Company: Psycho Films
Directors: Gibson Hazard + Christian Sutton
DP: Doug Porter
1st AC: Joe Mcnairy
2nd AC: Jeffrey Taylor
Executive Producer: Sam Canter
Executive Producer: Geenah Krisht
Producer: Roxanna Dunlop
1st AD: Erik Mateo
Set PA: Nadia Sadri
Set PA: Linden Degurian
Set PA: Stephanie Moreno
Production Designer: Miles Mullin
Carpenter: Westley Thornton
Key Grip: Ricky Irizarry
Best Grip: Alexander Lopes
Gaffer: Dimitrios Christoforidis
Best Electric: Connor Burns
Electric: Chris Van Lieshout
Medic/CCO: Jordan Adams
BTS Photographer: Marcus Townsend
Pyro Coordinator: Kevin Watson
Pyro Tech: Rene Diamante
Water Truck: Matt Bealey
Artist MGMT: Jivana Basra
Artist MGMT: Halle McFadden
Boominati Worldwide: Vlad Samedi
Boominati Worldwide: Bersabel Gebremeskel

#MetroBoomin #HeroesAndVillains #Boominati

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⁣Watch the official trailer for The Recruit, an upcoming Netflix series starring Noah Centineo. A fledgling lawyer at the CIA becomes enmeshed in dangerous international power politics when a former asset threatens to expose the nature of her long-term relationship with the agency unless they exonerate her of a serious crime. All episodes streaming December 16, only on Netflix.

SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/29qBUt7

About Netflix:
Netflix is the world's leading streaming entertainment service with 223 million paid memberships in over 190 countries enjoying TV series, documentaries, feature films and mobile games across a wide variety of genres and languages. Members can play, pause and resume watching as much as they want, anytime, anywhere, and can change their plans at any time.

The Recruit | Official Trailer | Netflix

A rookie lawyer at the CIA stumbles headlong into the dangerous world of international espionage when a former asset threatens to expose agency secrets.

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⁣Pre-order the single: https://rammstein.lnk.to/Adieu

Directed by Specter Berlin
Produced by DISSIDENCE
Executive Producer - Charles Portier, Antoine Fritsch
Line Producer - Joseph Ragons
Director of Photography - Khalid Mohtaseb
Light Designer - Vincent Le Borgne
Production Designer - Jean Miel
Editor - David Gesslbauer
Colorist - Arthur Paux
Costume Design - Dorota Budna & Tanja Jesek
Steadicam Operator - Sacha Naceri
Key Grip - Yoan Amouroux
Unit Manager - Nicolas Plouhinec
Casting Director - Vicky Schoukroun
Sound Design - Capitaine Plouf

The Damned

Stéphane Abraham
Marcel Ali Ben Abdallah
Killian Ammadj-Briot
Alexandra Artemova
Jens Konrad Barett
Marie Besson
Louis Boebart
Dimitri Boespflug
Gwendoline Bonnin
Pierre Bondy
Celine Bony
Julien Bourgot
Morgan Bourven
Alice Bouyer
Estelle Brision
Antony Carbonera
Nathan Chapuis-Guntzburger
Jade Charonh
Paul Charraire
Maxence Chaves
Désirée Chen
Yugurthen Cherbi
Sarah Chouam
Cosima Ciampi-Dorfmüller
Nicolas Clerici
Léa Romy Clesch
Leo Combette
Ferdy Cooper
Matteo Courquin
Julia Cruz
Valentine Damian
Emma Dechamp
Eleonore Defer
Isabella Delacrois
Edouard Demars
Louise Deprez
Melody Desbrueres
Adrien Deschenau
Antoine Desperis
Eloïse Deville
Eric Digne
Fabio Di Domenico
Baptiste Duminil
Abdou Rahman Dramé
Ambre Emery
Nina Fatemi
Fiau Maé Filipi
Anne-Lise Frichet
Theo Gabilloux
Yannick Gasser
Fabrice Goncalvez
Ombeline Graneareau
Thomas Guegan
Alissa Halter
Oscar Hamar
Margaux Hansquine
Maxime Henault
Daphné Humbert
Enzo Hurtel
Matthieu Jean- Pierre
Kacper Kryza
Lucas Kwasniak
Delphine Lambert
Guillaume Lagrange
Imane Lahlou
Vivianne Laisné
Jennifer Lariviere
Garance Le Boudouil
Baptiste Le Chat
Hugo Le Maigat
Hjalte Lehmann Christensen
Arnaud Lemonnier
Olivier Lusse Mourrier
Barbara Malek
Cecile Marchasson
Felix Martinaud
Guilem Mas
Valentine Métayer
Thomas Milliot
Lara Mistretta
François Moindron
Sara Mouillevois
Clara Moutin
Clarisse Noirtault
Solene Oumedjekane
Victor Ouvrard Philémon
Parey Krishna Parvathaneni
Keerthi Laurine Pelet
Melvin Pinhel De Almeida
Antoine Plainfossé
Lily Plumti
Anna Raisky
Alexis Richard
Eleonora Rosadelli
Melvin Roy
Elena Rizzo
Arthur Saillard
Clara Sak
Celeste Sicard
Emmanuelle Simon
Malte Sonecki
Dalia Stankuna
Zack Szerman
Julien Teko
Lucas Terquem
Quentin Torres
Mariane Trifunovic
Tristan Vasseur
Lou Mia Vaudour
Toussaint Veux
Clement Vuillet
Miky Wampa
Jefferson West
Thomas Winteralter
Chloé Woitier
Anaïs Zaepffel
Hugo Zamord
Sica Zaoui


Produced by Olsen Involtini with Rammstein
Pro Tools & Logic Editing, Audio Engineering and Additional Production by Florian Ammon
Guitar recording, editing and additional guitar production by Sky van Hoff at Studio Engine 55, Berlin

Additional Choir Arrangements by Sven Helbig
Performed by Konzertchor Dresden
Conducted by Friedemann Schulz

Recorded by Martin Fischer at Loschwitzer Kirche, Dresden

Mixed by Olsen Involtini
Mastered by Svante Forsbäck

"Zeit – RMX by Ólafur Arnalds":

Additional Remix Production recorded by Ólafur Arnalds and Hafsteinn Fráinsson at E7 Studios, Reykjavik

Mixed & Arranged by Ólafur Arnalds
Mastered by Jens Dreesen

"Adieu Intro"

Composed and played by Sven Helbig
Mixed by Olsen Involtini

Adieu" and "Zeit – RMX by Ólafur Arnalds"

Music & lyrics by Rammstein:

Christoph Doom Schneider, Doktor Christian Lorenz, Oliver Riedel, Paul Landers, Richard Z. Kruspe, Till Lindemann

Published by Rammstein Musikverlag/Musik Edition Discoton GmbH

► Website: http://www.rammstein.com
► RammsteinShop: http://shop.rammstein.de
► Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/rammsteinoff...
► TikTok: http://www.tiktok.com/@rammstein
► Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Rammstein
► Twitter: http://twitter.com/RSprachrohr

#Rammstein #RammsteinOfficial #Adieu

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Truth Be Told Chapter 6 Clue
⁣FTX & the Ca$a Blanca Killer Whales

Stream ⁣Ca$ablanca - Screen Gem$ II (LP) ⁣https://userinterface.us/music..../track/SE5kncYfyxB8D

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