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Kanye speaks on how he is being punished unfairly for speaking his mind.

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⁣This is the Hyperion XP-1... One of the most advanced cars ever built, it's powered by a hydrogen propulsion system which makes the car literally spits water from the exhaust. Also utilizes some of the most advanced technology ever added to a car, it can be charged in 5 minutes and has a range of over 1500km. The XP-1 can also reach 0-100kh/m in just 2.2 seconds and has a top speed of over 350km/h. Alex gives us a closer look at what is sure to be the coolest and most advanced cars ever.

Thanks to Hyperion, for more info on the XP-1, check them out here:
Check out Super Car Blonde ⁣

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⁣00:00 Intro
00:34 The Problem
00:58 Energy Curtailment
01:28 Lithium Prices
02:13 The Solution
02:35 How It Works
03:24 Safer Cell
04:03 The Catch
04:46 Cheaper Cell
05:12 Durability
06:22 Fonterra Trial Run

A battery that doesn't need any metal whatsoever, is made of upto 99% recyclable materials and best of all is almost 10 times cheaper than traditional lithium ion batteries. Sounds impossible? Well Polyjule just made it possible with the release of their latest plastic battery. Yes you heard that right. A plastic battery. Did I mention it’s great for the environment too?
How does it work? What is it made of and most importantly how is it good for the environment if we’re actively trying to get rid of plastics?
Curious to find out? Well let’s dive in
A future with 100% green energy isn’t impossible. In fact we actually have way more green energy than we need right now and given the right infrastructure we could theoretically one day have nothing but green energy. The only problem is that green energy is in most cases intermittent. You can’t really rely on solar panels or wind farms. What if energy demand goes up on a cloudy day or maybe the wind just stops blowing for a while?
The only way to counter that is to store the excess energy in huge battery energy storage systems or BESSs. Most of these battery energy storage systems are made of lithium and lithium has issues. The biggest of them being the supply chain. Put simply the world just doesn't have enough lithium. Even now when the world hasn’t actively started shifting towards a green energy battery storage system which would consume an unbelievable amount of lithium, we’re still going through Lithium sourcing issues.
Lithium prices have skyrocketed in recent years, going up a jaw-dropping 485 percent year over year according to s and p Global just last year and while EV prices are still lagging behind this surge they will go up. The IEA says the world could face lithium shortages by 2025.

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⁣WATCH: The full bodycam footage of former Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch's arrest for suspected DUI was released by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. Authorities say Lynch was apparently found sleeping in a vehicle that was in an undrivable condition. The police report says the front driver's side wheel had no rim or tire and that both passenger's side tires were about to fall off.

#MarshawnLynch #Bodycam #LawAndCrime

⁣Las Vegas police released body-camera footage showing the lead-up to the arrest of former NFL running back Marshawn Lynch, who was booked Tuesday on charges of driving under the influence. In a statement, Lynch’s lawyers disputed the charges.
In one clip released Thursday, Lynch appears to be asleep at the wheel of a black Ford Mustang with its front left tire missing. In another, Lynch is sitting in the driver’s seat surrounded by officers.
In the latter, Lynch tells officers that the car is not running before an officer tells him to get out of the vehicle, adding that Lynch could be charged with obstructing an investigation. Shortly after, an officer drags Lynch out of the vehicle before he is handcuffed.

Lynch was charged with driving under the influence, failure to surrender proof of security, driving an unregistered vehicle and failure to drive in the travel lane, per Las Vegas Municipal Court records. He was released on bail and is scheduled for a Dec. 7 court date.

⁣Lynch’s attorneys, Richard Schonfeld and David Chesnoff, disputed the accusations in a statement to local television station KLAS.
“Marshawn was not pulled over for a DUI. Rather the vehicle was safely parked and not in operation,” the statement said. “We are confident that when all evidence is presented, this will not be a DUI under Nevada law. Marshawn appreciates and is thankful for everyone’s concern and support.”
A five-time Pro Bowl selection, Lynch rushed for 10,413 yards and 85 touchdowns across 12 seasons with the Seattle Seahawks, Buffalo Bills and Oakland Raiders. A first-round draft pick out of California in 2007, Lynch last played during Seattle’s 2020 postseason run, which ended with an NFC divisional-round defeat to the Green Bay Packers.
Lynch was arrested for DUI in 2012 but pleaded down to the lesser charge of reckless driving when the case was resolved in 2014. Before his retirement, the running back had long been cultivating his post-football career plans, opening a mini-chain of Beast Mode clothing stores and a soul food restaurant on the outskirts of Oakland, Calif. He was announced as a new minority stakeholder in the NHL’s Seattle Kraken in April.

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