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Outlaw Penalty Chapter 4: A Favor for a Favor

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Seket Aanru
Seket Aanru
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⁣⁣Seket Aanru is a novel, film, and game based on the life of the street smart, technology-savvy, and sometimes hired gun Seket Aanru. Chronicling his adventures and misfortunes while in Egypt trying to complete an “objective” for the NSA.

What starts off as a simple mission to procure a sample of an ancient metal
alloy turns into a battle to stay alive, maintain his sanity, and hold on to the few
things that he still loves in this world.

To him, it has been all about connections. How seemingly unrelated world events are tied together by a chance encounter. The world stage has many players but most of them know each other directly or indirectly so causes for events can be traced back to individual relationships, not governments.

Saddam, Osama, the uprising of the people across the world, and the global
Recessions can all be tied in together by one man's journey around the world
as he is awakened to the ways of it.

Evolution is inevitable.⁣
Rihanna - Needed Me

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