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The Queen ZaZa Ali | Will the REAL WOMEN please stand up!

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Seket Aanru
Seket Aanru
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⁣ZaZa Ali is a Mother, Teacher, Activist, Radio Personality, and Author. Her first novel, entitled Black Matters, Volume One - The Scientific Intervention in Our Affairs, was released in May of 2015. Volume Two - Plagues of Dysfunction, is set to be released September 28, 2015. A frequent speaker on behalf of women and children, ZaZa has spoken in venues ranging from juvenile detention centers to Universities. Her topics range from "The War on Black Women", to "The Scientific Intervention in Our Affairs - Surviving a Genetically Modified Society". She is most well know for her consistent blogs dealing with social injustices & shedding light on the plight of Black America. Her articles & interviews have been featured in websites such as Uganda goes online, World News, Your Black World, and lipstick alley. She has become a major force on social media, using her voice to implement programs to financially assist business owners, as well as privately owned and operated schools. ZaZa started teaching at-risk youth in California in 2010. Being a witness to oppression, inequality, poverty and social injustice is what inspired her to begin her journey. She hopes that readers will come away with a better understanding of the who, what, when, where, why and how's - that have aided to the reality of modern Black suffrage. She stresses that Black America needs to adequately study the system of racism which lends to white supremacy, as well as take responsibility for where they are today to improve their position not only in America, but globally as well.

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